Our Puja

List of Items for Puja

1. Suhagan Sringar - 1 set
2. Attire for daughter-in-law
3. Prasad for offering to Mother (for children)


History of the Temple

In our country, the glory of goddesses is greatly revered, and they are extensively described in scriptures. Among these, there is a goddess whose glory is particularly exalted. She is known not only as the bestower of offspring but also as a deity in her own right. In the village of Ravirandal, near Dhola Junction in Gohilwad of Saurashtra, Mother Ravirandal Mata is directly present. She is revered as the consort of Lord Suryanarayana Bhagwan and is also recognized as Randal by her devotees. She is known as the daughter of Lord Vishwakarma and the mother of Yama and Yamuna.

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Holy Sites

Holy Sites to Visit

Lord Suryanarayan

Suryanarayana Bhagwan, who is considered to be the combination of Bhagavati Maa and Lord Ravi, used to descend to the mortal world to bring back the dead.

Information About Well

This is a historical stepwell. It's where the water from the Ranal River used to emerge, and later, it's recognized by the steps (known as "vav na dadva")!

Randal na Lota

Currently, in Randal, there's a special stepwell built with 108 pairs of steps, where each devotee can immerse the "lota" (a small vessel) representing their devotion and offerings.



કૈલાશ નિવાસી મહંત શ્રી દિનેશપુરીબાપુ
લઘુ મહંત શ્રી અક્ષયપરીબાપુ
લઘુ મહંત શ્રી અજયપરીબાપુ
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