The story of Randalma

The sculptor of the gods, Lord Vishwakarma, incarnated there as a child of Randal Bhavani. Randal was the psychic daughter of Vishwakarma. The daughter began to grow up but she did not say anything. In calling herself there, Bhagwati Randal would automatically appear. I will show you the way, I will show you my green in the world of death, so much so that Randal came to earth. Ghee, milk feeding removes pain, a doshima ane raktapit with maldharis In order to keep the unbearable disease away from it, Randal sat on his lap and healed Doshima. In the form of many such pamphlets as a child, Randal filled many pamphlets and cured many Maldharis living in NASDA and after a few years of suffering, he asked the devotees to set up their own temple in Dadwa. Departed to heaven with father.