History of the Temple

Pujya Bapu's ancestors used to worship this temple. Later, the work of this temple was handed over to Pujya Bapu in the year 2007 and later after the hard work of Bapu's servants and Bapu, the temple was renovated in a very short time and many other services are going on in the temple. Land donation for school and bus station has been done by Pujya bapu

:: List to be Worshiped ::

(૧) 1 pair of Suhagan decoration

(૨) Lani for daughters.

(૩) Prasadi to carry Mataji(For children)

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Lord Suryanarayana

Here Suryanarayana was taking Ravirandal back to the world of death in Lord Bhagwati at the same time the wheel of Suryanarayana's chariot was broken on the spot At present, a very beautiful and magnificent chariot of Suryanarayana is seen.

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Vav information

!! This is a historic Vav. Where Ma Randal appeared here and later became known as Dadwa (Vav Na Dadwa) !!

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Lota of Randal

At present, 108 pairs of lota no halls have been made in the vicinity of Randal for bathing Randal.

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P.P. Mahant Shri Dineshpuribapu

Laghu Mahant Shri Akshay Paribapu

Laghu Mahant Shri Ajayparibapu

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